Have you begun venturing into the advanced world of ecommerce?

If this is the case, you may be one of two categories: a small physical business looking to become an ecommerce, or a completely new business intrigued by the benefits of operating online.

To stand out and compete as a small business, having a target audience and distinctive product is simply not enough. You must consider creating the best customer experience possible by obtaining reliable delivery methods, reliable payment options, having return & refund policies and excellent customer service. Partaking in ecommerce opens up your business to vast opportunities.

Are you ready to get started?

It may be difficult at first, but success is right around the corner.

Pay attention to the following tips to learn how your new online business in Jamaica can flourish in ecommerce.

First Impressions Last, Make Your Business Stand Out

You don’t have much time to create a first impression as people’s attention span are very short these days.

Digital Impak is your premier platform to build your website with a simple and user-friendly interface that provides you with professional features that make your website stand out.

Digital Impak’s ecommerce platform for Jamaican businesses allows for ease and comfort in designing and running your online store. It does not rely on web development knowledge hence making the experience user-friendly. It is therefore wise to make use of their easy functionality, providing endless design features and security.

Be Flexible When Engaging Your Customers

This involves engaging with your customers and building relationships with them via social media platforms or whatever methods are comfortable for both parties.

Make your website and social media work hand in hand, so your customers can shop at their convenience through their preferred social media platform.

Digital Impak also makes this process easy as it includes support for numerous social media platforms through its quality plugins. These plugins make the combining of your website and social platforms smooth, and this allows you to broaden the scope of your image.

Feedback is king, ensure that you form a business to customer (BTC) relationship by engaging with your customers through social media. This allows for easily obtainable feedback useful for product improvements, as well as a higher chance of repeat customers.

Create Exciting Offers and Combinations for Your Online Store

Appeal to a dynamic market segment by creating exclusive online offers. Increase your visibility by creating customized user experiences and provide discounts or free items such as vouchers for a limited time.

Up-sell and cross-sell Your Best Offers

Let’s say, your customer picked out a dress offered at your online clothing store, why not recommend a pair of heels or even a matching purse to compliment it? Promote your products, or bundle them, to incentivize customers to purchase more expensive equivalents or multiple items that complement each other. These are two very effective and beneficial tactics which can help you to increase sales while introducing customers to more products that may satisfy them.

Try to imagine what other products might go well with whatever your customer has already purchased and use this to increase your sales volume.

Keep your product offerings topical and trendy by making use of incentives such as limited edition launches, free shipping and promotional codes, keeping your customers interested with your brand on their minds.

Use Technology to Increase Efficiency

Technology reduces mistakes and time wasting while easily handling complex tasks. It should be used to replace inefficient functionalities in the business by making use of the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, in order to increase both efficiency and productivity.

Furthermore, Digital Impak’s team will eliminate the need for you to have a technical background. There are many reasonably priced and easy-to-implement applications that may decrease time spent on menial tasks by increasing the adoption of automation.

Our technology allows the user to take control of valuable data that provides them with a meaningful and strategic course of action. Valuable data gained through this technology can be used for activities like creating a more personalized customer experience and forecasting valuable sales and marketing insights. 

You should be flexible in your approach to your customers, giving them the experience that would most likely appeal to them. Be aware of the differences between your online, as opposed to physical customers. Adoption of technologies can create greater visibility for small businesses allowing them to meet more potential customers.

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