Avoid These Deadly Online Marketing Sins for Your E-commerce Business

As it relates to online businesses in Jamaica customers tend to give negative feedback towards online marketing lapses.

Committing lapses online while you’re marketing as a small business owner can ruin your brand.

 Be mindful of these lapses, instead replace them and move forward in order to gain from online marketing 

Without a Strategic Plan 

 As a small business owner having no strategy will separate you from your audience which is usually the first wrongdoings committed.

So to avoid making that mistake, take enough time to plan, strategize and run experiments to reap success as a small business owner.

This way you will know who your target audiences are and how you can get your products out to them by simply following strategies that you would have set to become successful.

Doing this you will definitely create a bond with your audience likewise, your small business brand will be able to gain more recognition.

Inconsistent Marketing

As a small business owner, operating online it is important that you are consistent in order to build customers trust. Doing follow-ups and regular updates of your posts will engage your audience. Rather than having them lose interest, practice consistency on all your marketing platform. This is just as important as replying to your live chat when your customers engage you. Stay active!

If it is a case where you’re planning to remove your page for any of your social media platforms. Make an announcement, give it some time then you may remove it rather than doing it suddenly.

Not Eliminating Expired Offers

Avoid doing this! This is definitely a deadly online marketing sin for eCommerce businesses.

Not Evaluating Digital Performance

Monitoring and tracking digital media performance is very important for your online business it allows you to make adjustments and improve strategies. Doing this gives you the most of what you have and what areas need improvement. 

Use Education to Win Your Customers Rather than too many Calls-To-Action

You don’t want to be pushy and seem as if you only care about selling. Do not use too many Calls-To-Action, keep it limited, and maybe two (2), whether a “click here” or a “like” on one of your social media pages.

Give valuable and imaginative content with sincere stories. That way they will feel connected and want to know more. 

Customers are more confident with their choices when they feel informed and educated about what they purchase. Keeping your content more customer-focused will help to build trust and credibility to existing and potential customers. Your giving them a better understanding of your brand what you are about.

 Ignoring the Basics for Social Media Posts

In Jamaica, social media is used by small business owners as a platform to do online marketing. In order for it be effective you must ensure it entails: 

  • Informative and entertaining posts and pictures to grab customers attraction
  • Eye-catching images
  • Using links for google and other search engines to understand your importance and them to prompt them back to your page 
  • Update often and be consistent 

You Don’t Need to Sell to Everyone!

As a small business, it is important that strategic research is carried out in order for you to know who your target audience is and how to get them engaged in order to make your sales. Wanting to sell to everyone can cause you to fail. 

Be knowledgeable on digital marketing to avoid these deadly online marketing sins, can help your e-commerce business to gain success. 

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