E-commerce: Building Long-Lasting Business to Business (B2B) Customer Relationships For Your Online Business in Jamaica

Imagine you operate an online business that sells office and home appliances for your customers to accessorize their offices and homes with their routine purchase of single items.

Customer Service Representatives encounter challenges such as: refunds, delivery, miscommunication and purchase cancellation when operating sales for consumers.

Let’s view your customers as a business, right? Your carpets are included in their stock growth where they manage a furniture and jewelry store. They are now consumers who purchase your carpets in large bulks as a part of their business.

Your customers will experience the difference between your pre and post sales flexibility.

What is the Difference Between Pre and Post Sale?

Customers and businesses receive the same assistance from our company. However, it is more challenging when providing aid to customers in comparison to assisting business to business (B2B) in Jamaica.

Business to customer support is a very smooth process that provides individual clients with the assistance they need.

Business to business (B2B) income requires more authority and liability because of its huge profit. Losing customers is a huge loss for  businesses, regardless of it being business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C). However, while some businesses may suffer from a loss, you are able to gain and grow yours.

Business to Business bargains are proven to be more challenging. E-commerce is flexible when handling goods and services, distribution and pricing strategy anywhere in Jamaica. Furthermore, having a strong support team that understands what your business is about and caters to customer needs, will boost your online business.

Business to business support has more complexities. The customer or the business tends to seek help after they have exhausted their option when trying to fix issues. Meanwhile, an individual customer will urgently request assistance whenever they encounter a challenge.

Excellent Business to Business Customer Assistance Guide

Online businesses are fast growing and competitive, therefore, modifying your online business services to suit your customers’ needs is very important.

Customized Quality Service for Customers

 A customized quality service is effective when doing business to business negotiations because it requires more than the regular business to customer bargain. Your customer service representative will put the business at an advantage once they are knowledgeable of the client’s background and business contract. 

Every customer service representative doing business to business transactions should be coached to readily provide information that will help with distribution concerns, purchase, and assistance. Also, your customer service representatives must be familiar with pre-sales tasks to guide customers with finding their products.

Saving Data and Network Growth

It is important to grow the business network with your customers by keeping contact with them and solving any challenges they might have prior to using your service and after.

Your business will grow a lengthy relationship with the customer or organization once your business becomes knowledgeable of the organization after an ongoing sales transaction. 

Make your customers happy by actively keeping updates on them to effectively solve any challenges they have or to introduce them to new products. Excellent technology and automated service is a great way to keep your customers updated.  Your websites’ frequent stock update is convenient for your customers to know which product is accessible to them. Get this online feature for your website at Digital Impsk once your store uses their programme.

Internal Communication

The vendor’s customer service department will gain several contact points if the customer represents a medium and large business. Retaining data and transmission challenges will help the customer service representative to better assist their customers. 

Good internal collaboration and communication within your own organization is key to solving customer service issues quickly and efficiently. Once your company practises good communication internally, you will have better communication and customer service externally. 


Whether it is business or individual, customer assistance and guidance is always important. Regardless of how established or minor your customers may be, ensure your business is able to provide support based on your customers’ requirements in order to facilitate inclusion and satisfaction.

Customers find online businesses more accessible and easier to get their goods and services in comparison to salespersons who are branded by a specific company. Ecommerce is looking to grow even more in the years to come.

Online businesses are now the center of attraction especially during the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.

If you want your business to thrive in the business to business world, stay relevant and  adjust the way you offer your service and customer aid.

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