5 Steps to take after buying your domain name

I Just Bought My Domain Name, What’s Next?

In order to grow and make a statement online, you have to secure your domain name which is the first phase of starting online.

Having your own online business requires a very strategic process.

There are five important tips listed below for you after you’ve bought your domain name.

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1. Synchronized hosting and Domain

Once you have successfully acquired a domain name for your website which aids in allocating funds to your respective bank account, your next step is to secure a hosting account. Also, for your convenience, research your sources wisely in order to purchase your domain and hosting from the same source.

Digitalimpak.com is your website’s hero, it secures your technical details by hosting your maintenance plan while at the same time providing security measures and smooth out other intricacies that updating technology contains.

Your domain will be transferred to Digital Impak severs once the domain was purchased without any active involvement of Digital Impak’s team. This process is solely our responsibility, we got you covered!

2. Create an email address using your websites name for your online business

Once your business email is structured around your domain name, it automatically leaves your brand’s signature mark with your customers and unearths an exquisite ambience to your viewers. 

Your small online business may suffer a great loss if you decide to use free email services. Also, your business will be at a disadvantage when there is no control over who can access your business email.

3. Mirrored Social Media Handles

Your business should ensure brand consistency in order for your customers to become familiar with it. Once you’ve received your domain name ensure that both social media and handle names are the same. This will be less hackling for your business’ brand consistency and prevent any inconvenience for you or your customers. For example, a website name that has Susanhairsalontools.com, then facebook.com/Susanhairsalontools and instagram.com/susanhairsalontools is recommended instead of Susanhairsalontools.com and then facebook.com/hairsalontools2020 due to unavailability of the name you requested. 

It is not life death if your handles and social media names doesn’t match, however, you want to ensure that the names are accurate and closely related. Therefore, you can add a qualifier to your business name if it’s already owned by someone else.

It will be a smooth process for your customers to identify all your social media platforms once the usernames are similar or mirrored each other.

4. Have an objective for your online business

Create an active objective first for your online business that outlines what you want to achieve. Your hatching business can branch off in countless ways.

  •  Do you want to create a blog?
  •  Do you want to offer an online service site?
  •  Do you want to start your online business ventures?
  •  Do you want to build a book and documentation website?

If you want to create your desired website and have a successful end result, then you must develop a well-defined purpose or objective for it at the very beginning. 

5. Create Your Website Now!

Your virtual character will be represented by your website. Go ahead and create your website today! Let our Sales Representatives get you on your feet to step into the online business world. Choose any template that reflects your small business below and click  selecting your plan.

hostgator website builder themes

You are ready to begin your online journey now that we have introduced you to 5 Steps To Take After Buying Your New Domain Name. We wish you all the best on your small online business quest!

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