Five Factors to Improve Your  Product Ranking 


When it comes on to your online business, you want your products to appear at the top of the first page of results. Here are some guidelines to achieve higher ratings in search results. 

1. Quality Product Listing


The quality of the product being listed plays a huge part in how your product is ranked in searches. Your product name, picture, and description should be carefully designed to get preferred placement in a search list. 

2. List Your Product in the Appropriate Category

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Products listed in the right category will be grouped in a particular class and that will give the item a higher ranking when that product is searched for.  

3.Feedback and Reviews 

rating-and-reviews-are-important-on-marketplaces-zepo Customers depend on ratings and customer reviews of products they’re about to buy to decide if the buy is a good one. The higher the ratings your products receive and the more ratings you have, the higher your product will show up in the ranking. 

4. Competitive Pricing


Customers can now narrow down their product search based on the price that fits their spending budget. If your products have competitive and attractive prices, they will be placed higher in searches. Reducing your product price in order to be ranked higher on a search page isn’t a good business practice. It is better to focus on pricing based on the quality of your product. Then your business can increase its production costs to match its value.  

5. Marketing


Some online markets will advertise your product for a fee. It can provide exposure for new products. When the products start bringing in enough sales and start to attract attention on their own, using this kind of paid advertising isn’t necessary.

There are other factors to consider in trying to obtain higher product search ranking such as delivery time, product efficiency, and quality. As product ranking increases, it will become easier to achieve the same when launching new products. 

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