How to market Your New E-commerce Website

The establishment of novel E-commerce websites is a victory for businesses who previously only had access to a physical store. The sky’s the limit as they are able to connect to potential clients globally at a click of a button! In order to increase visitors as well as improve sales, business owners should advertise their store. Promoting your business is not easy therefore this article was created to assist people who have an E-commerce store to successfully promote themselves. 

Strategies to help promote your business

1. Utilize Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization aids in placing businesses websites in a higher position on the internet. This makes it easier for customers to find your online store, helps with promoting your business and making sales.  This is a foolproof way of promoting your store. The more likely you are to optimize your online business the more likely it is for your store to become more successful.  

Also it should be noted that the faster your website takes to load the more likely you will be able to interact with potential clients and in turn generate more sales. A faster-moving website also aid in growing your ratings for search engine optimization.  

Be cautious on who you choose to be your web service provider as it can affect the performance and efficiency of your website. 

2. Marketing on Social Networking Sites 

Social Media has taken the world by storm.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook as well as sites that share videos such as YouTube have transformed the way we interact with the world.  It is a landmine filled with potential ready to explode. Advertising through social media increases your online presence at an inexpensive cost, however, you should utilize and plan your finances accordingly.  

You should initially start by displaying links and information that is aimed at your customer base to drive traffic to your website. You can utilize a Buffer to monitor the posts you make on social media. 

3. Partnering Advertisements 

Advertising is a longstanding technique used to promote a brand. They can be done by using traditional mediums such as television and radio or more modern mediums such as posting on the internet.  A popular way to do it online is through the use of discounted deal sites, where an ad is posted on a website and clicking on the ad will transfer you to the e-commerce website.  Some popular coupon sites are Gustazos and Brawta Living. This method is costly but effective. 

4. Have your Products Appraised

 Another way to promote your business is to have a blogger write reviews of them. You can ask them to appraise your product or service and write on it, you can also provide a free sample for them to try before making the review.  Good reviews can increase your customer base. You can also form partnerships that can successfully promote your store. For instance, when you provide free samples of the product to the blogger or another incentive, they will make sure to convince the audience to buy your product. 

5. Become a Blogger

Becoming a blogger is a simple, low cost and effective way for marketing your business. By using your unique selling proposition (USP) you can market your novel idea or product through the blog. This strategy can be used to connect to your consumers, therefore driving traffic to the blog. Many other successful brands have built their brand through blogging.  

6. Gaining Customers through One of a Kind Deals

Everyone enjoys a good deal. The more interesting the promotion is, the more people will be attracted to your E-commerce site to get their hands on the goods or services. 

7. Complimentary products/Free Samples

You can always give away your products to attract customers. You can offer a free sample of the product to try before buying it. This method will help to bring in more customers, create a buzz among consumers about said product, and also produce good appraisals online. 

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