Tips for Running an E-commerce Site

If you could have your way, you would want your E-commerce website to take off quickly and become successful, however, we know that success doesn’t come easily. 

Although, you can’t do everything perfectly to establish an effective e-commerce business, there are things you can do and things you can avoid in order to have a competitive edge.   

So here are the 6 tips that can help you to do your E-commerce business, successfully.

Tips on what to Do with your E-Commerce Site 

Create the Groundwork That is Essential for Your Website

You need to pick a strong and reliable platform to market your e-commerce business on.  For your e-commerce website you would need to have some knowledge on how to edit certain features such as updating product selection, changing the themes and design  of a website, payment gateways etc.  and other necessary changes needed that won’t be too hard to do.  For example, Digital Impak gives you a simple platform to navigate your website but also gives you a strong platform as well.  Digital Impak will also provide assistance by teaching you how to navigate your website so you know how to customize your  page to your liking.  

Use Mobile Devices

Most people in today’s world utilize mobile devices to conduct their daily business transactions, however, some features would be lost when it is done through your phone or tablet.  Therefore, it is important for you to have the necessary features on the website available on mobile devices as well as the graphical content and themes looking clear and consistent.  

Conduct and Utilize Research 

Your website will come into contact with visitors, and existing customers. They find your website through a myriad of platforms, conduct shopping on varying times during the day and have different ways that they would like to pay for their products.  Your website should give you all information on how customers engage with your site and this will assist you in making relevant decisions on how to run your business.  It is advised for you to learn how to collect and analyze as this can be done by either using tools that are built into your website or through google analytics.  Strategies are then created based on the engagements and analytics of your ecommerce site, that will aid in improving your business.  

Create an List of Email Addresses 

A useful option to utilize is establishing an email list of customers and prospective customers. This is an inexpensive but effective way of promoting your business and establishing a line of communication with them.  You can obtain their email address by giving them a contact form to fill out or obtaining them when the client checks which will give you the chance to build rapport with them.  However, you should make sure that the message and frequency of when you send out emails are appropriate and relevant.   

 Have Clear and Clean Images of Your Products

Your products need to be displayed in a way that is attractive and will grab the attention of your customers and viewers.  Uploading clean and professional pictures will help to do this.  When you are taking photos make sure that the camera takes good quality pictures, and make sure the lighting is also up to par, and try to give the viewers more than one angle of the product for them to get a better idea of how the product looks. You should display different versions of the same product as well.  

Take Advantage of  Using Social Media to Promote Your Brand

One of the best ways to increase your online presence of your brand and obtain more traffic to your site is to utilize platforms on social media.  There are a variety of social media channels that you can use such as Facebook or Instagram, if you prefer to use a single channel then go ahead and utilize it.  Do what works best for you and try to be consistent in making posts and interacting with consumers so that you build rapport and build brand visibility.

Tips on What NOT to do with Your E-commerce Site

Avoid Having Excessive Pop Ups and Banners on Your Site

Make sure that your goods and services are easily available to your buyers particularly through your landing page. Organize your website so that viewers and clients are able to easily navigate and find the products they are interested in.  Try to reduce the amount and manage the amount of advertisements and pop ups that come up so that your viewers don’t feel flooded with information.  This should also be done so that the page looks more attractive and easier to navigate. 

Give Yourself Ample Time to Fill Out Orders

Try to give yourself enough time to fill out orders and have it available for pickup or  delivery for the customer. If you promise the client to give them their package in a tight deadline and you fail to deliver then they will be upset with you and this will hurt the relationship between the customer and the brand.  However, if you deliver it before the deadline then they would be happy and it will enhance the relationship between the brand and client.  Make sure to put realistic timelines of delivering the packages to the clients, and give them updates on their deliveries and a system tracking the current location of their package.  This will give you a reputation of a brand with integrity. 

Have a variety of Payment Options on Your Site

 If you can, please give your customers several options on paying you, they can do this through bank deposits, through credit or debit cards or through electronic transfers, this will give more people access to buying your products from the site.  Make sure that these payment transfers are stable and secure, 

Give Good Customer Service!

Just because your business is online doesn’t mean you need to neglect your customer service skills.  You can connect with your customers by establishing a chat or messenger feature to communicate with them and visitors to answer queries or concerns.  Also words and greetings need to be personable and polite to your customers as well. Try to answer messages as quickly as you get them especially if it is a complaint and try to answer it in a professional and respectable manner. 

 Lastly, you should try to persevere in the face of adversity! Don’t give up on your business as the more you put into it, the more likely it will be successful. 

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