How to balance work and school

Effectively balancing work and school at the same time can be challenging, however it is not impossible to manage both commitments at once. 

1. Tap Your Support Network

Ensure that your support system is strong, this way they can assist you with tasks that are contributing to a conflict between your schooling and profession. Family members and friends can play their part by assisting with household duties. On the other hand your schoolmates can be empathetic as they could be going through the same experience as you are. Always seek help when necessary.

2. Develop proper time management skills

It is important to develop good time management skills. You can create a schedule for yourself, outlining the best possible time to study.When completing tasks that are similar for both work and school you can integrate both creating efficiency. You can utilize breaks  at work for studying or doing homework.Sometimes you might have to stay up a little later than usual at night and wake a bit earlier on the weekends to  get some study time in.  Create a to-do list and prioritize. Consider the time blocking method as this can help you in being more dedicated to accomplishing specific tasks and limit distractions.

3. Communicate with your employer

Communicate to your employer and let them be aware of your pursuit, this will create a level of understanding  as it relates to your workload and possible stress level. Some employers are welcoming to the idea of their employees developing themselves as they  will have more to offer to themselves and also their profession.

4. Online Classes

Online classes boost flexibility, as you will have the opportunity to attend classes regardless of your location, thus reducing the time it would take to travel to an institution. This gives you additional time to complete given tasks at work and also be on time for classes. 

5. Study what you love

When you love what you are studying a balance can be created between your studies and  your job. You will be more motivated in completing assignments, with a greater level of interest and less distraction. People tend to be more enthusiastic and focused when they are doing something that they love. 

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