How to Transition into the Work- World

Making a transition from the world of school to the world of work can be a challenge for some individuals. There are many things that are done differently in both worlds, having done one doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fully prepared for the other.  Here are a four ways that can help you to make a smooth transition:

  • Make Connection with Professionals 

Network with employers and persons who are already in the professional arena. This helps you to build a relationship that can be fruitful for you. Introduce yourself, share your interests and maintain positive and professional interactions. Your network could be your employer or a referral to an employer. 

  • Keep Up-to-date on your Future Job Market 

When you are in the know about what is happening in your prospective career field, you are better grounded and have a sense of direction as you will be aware of happenings that can impact your employability status. Follow business news to know which companies are more impactful throughout time.

  • Your first Job should not be your last

When you find that first job, do not get too comfortable. Explore other options, make yourself eligible for promotion, further your studies. If not, you can find yourself in a stagnant mode. In the event that the company hits hard times, you  can be negatively impacted. Even if you love your job, always have a plan B.

  • Anticipate a Decrease in your Social Activities 

You will have to maintain a work-life balance, therefore, there will be changes. You have to create healthy work habits which will help you to advance in your career. If you usually party three times per week, that will now be reduced to one time per week or even for the month. In maintaining a balance, you will also have to eat and rest well. With eight or more hours taken from each day as work hours, you are now left with less time to take care of yourself and interact with friends. Manage your time well.

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