Let’s Help You Ace Your Next Interview

You have created that winning resume and now it’s time to get ready for your interview. When you are prepared for an interview this gives you an advantage in securing a position. 

Here are ways in which you can approach an interview. 

  1. Research the company 

Find out who are the key players such as the managers, CEO and department directors. The culture, values and missions of the company are important, likewise the different services, products and clients. 

  1. Double check the job description 

This gives you an idea of what the ideal candidate should possess, such as the qualities, background and qualification. The more you are aligned with the description, the easier it will be to get through the interview. 

  1. Ask yourself possible interview questions and prepare your responses

In the event that the questions are asked you will be better prepared to answer. (eg What interests you about this role?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?) 

  1. Practice good body language and professional speaking skills

This builds confidence and relieves anxiety, therefore,  leaving a lasting impression on the interviewer. You can spend time in front of a mirror or with family and friends practicing to achieve a positive outcome. 

  1. Have questions to ask your interviewer

 Based on your research of the company, formulate thoughtful questions that can show that you are familiar with the position you are being interviewed for and that you are interested in the company’s operation. 

  1. Market yourself 

Focus on personal factors and skills that you can use as beneficial factors for the company. Be confident. 

  1. Dress professionally

How you present yourself for the interview, including the way you dress usually creates first judgement to the interviewer. This can also send a message that you are not aware of the role you are being interviewed for. Professional or business attire are recommended for an interview.

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