Work from Home: Smarter not Harder

Many organizations have changed their culture and method of work. Remote working can be beneficial for both the employee and the employer. 

It’s more economical – When employees work from home the company spends less money on office supplies and space. Also, employees spend less on transportation. There will also be a boost in productivity as employees are more likely to be on time, performing tasks in an efficient manner.

More applicants for available positions- The commuting distance doesn’t always matter when working remotely. Hence, more persons have the opportunity of applying, giving the employer a wider pool  of applicants to choose from and a better chance of matching the best possible candidates with the right positions. 

One has to prepare their working environment to work productively, home space is no exception. Ensure that you have a designated space for your working supplies, and you also have the required technology. Good quality internet connection is a necessity. Create a realistic schedule and stick to it. 

Here are  a number of  professionals  that  have adapted to remote working:  Data Entry clerks, Teachers, Customer Service Representatives, Virtual Assistant, etc. 

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