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Job Description: Special Education Paraprofessionals

Job Summary
The special education paraprofessional (shadow) is responsible for one and one interaction and
supervision of a child at school (face-to-face and online) in an effort to develop his/her
independence. The professional should be able to monitor and provide assistance when
required to reinforce positive behavior and redirect negative behavior with the use of methods
used in therapy sessions.
Requirements and Qualifications:
Associate’s Degree or Early Childhood Certificate (with Strong academic skills – 5 CSEC
subjects with Grade 1 or 2 in English Language and Mathematics).
Bachelor’s Degree in education or related field.
Previous experience as a paraprofessional, teaching assistant, or related position teaching
young children or children with special needs is a distinct asset.
● Understanding of and or willingness to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
● Excellent initiative and creativity in dealing with children.
● Flexibility and willingness to adjust to difficult situations.
● Ability to prioritize and manage time efficiently.
● Strong verbal and written communication skills.
● Comfortable as a team player.
● Must be living in and around the Kingston and St.Catherine area.

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