JAMAICAN HOLIDAY EVENT – Event Design Assistant (St.Catherine)

Event Design Assistant Job Description

This role is perfect for people who prefer a fast-paced work environment. While event design assistants are based out of an office, they spend a lot of time outside the office meeting with and vendors. They also work on-site to prepare the aesthetics of client events.

Event design assistant work mostly free of supervision. They collaborate with the event planner to make sure all the design elements of an event are executed according to plan.

Event Design Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Creating the aesthetics and vibe of an event is no simple feat. The Event design assistant performs several tasks to make this happen.

Identify Client Design Goals

The Event Planner determines the clients design goals which vary. Some clients are very specific in what they want, while others leave all the decisions up to the Event Planner. The Event Planner then shares the layout with the design assistant and discuss execution at this point the design assistant gives suggestions.

Create layout Design Series Plan

The Event Planner and Assistant Designer finalize the design plans and make tweaks until it meets the specifications.


They must be at work site to greet and varify the delivery of tables chairs and other design elements delivered by vendors.

Collaborate with Event Planners

Event design assistants and Event planners work together closely. The Event planner determines what the designer needs to make their design plan reality and provides the necessary materials.

Ensure Completion of Design Elements by Deadline

Event design assistants operates in a deadline-driven environment. They keep vendors and other firm employees (example second assistant) involved in the setup process on-task. They also communicate delays with clients while limiting the fallout.

Event Designer Skills and Qualifications

Creative-minded individuals with an eye for aesthetic details thrive as event designers. The following skills and abilities are needed to obtain this position:

· Project management – Assist Event planner with mapping out what resources are necessary to complete the design aspects of an event

· Mastery of layout visualization plan out how each space in the venue will be used and decorated

· Attention to detail – aspiring to achieve visual perfection, event design assistants make design choices that suited to the layout outline.

· Communication skills – The Event Design Assistant need to be good listeners to understand the needs of their client. They also rely on interpersonal communication and collaboration skills when working on-site to install design elements

· Time management skills – making sure the decor of an event matches the original design plan takes an event designer who can prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance

Event Designer Tools of the Trade

· Staple Gun and Staples
· Tool box
· Tape measure
· Level

Event Designer Education and Training

A high school diploma is a must also design experience and a design portfolio is plus. When first starting out at the company, new event designers work under more experienced event designers to learn the company’s specific strategies and protocol. Certification isn’t necessary for employment, certification is also a plus.

Pay Per Event Job.

WhatsApp 8763121340 for further details

Job reposted on behalf of Jamaican Holiday Events.

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