JAMAICAN HOLIDAY EVENTS- Banquet Server (St.Catherine)

Banquet Server Job Description

Banquet servers work at events such as weddings and parties. In addition to serving food, they set up and break down the event and offer excellent customer service to guests. Banquet servers work in a variety of venues, which can range from a banquet hall to a park. Many employers prefer banquet servers to be available on call for work. Energetic, friendly, and social, banquet servers love working with people and enjoy interacting with guests. They report to a Head Waitress and work with a team of servers to ensure the event runs smoothly.

Banquet Server Duties and Responsibilities

Specific job duties for banquet servers vary based on the event. However, there are several core tasks common to all banquet servers, such as:

Interact with Guests

Banquet servers greet guests as they arrive. Providing strong customer service, they check on guests and ensure customer satisfaction. They listen to comments or complaints and respond accordingly.

Set up Banquet Area

Placing tables and chairs, putting up decorations, and preparing serving stations, banquet servers ensure the event is properly set up for guests. They anticipate guests’ needs as they arrange the event area.

Serve Food and Beverages

During the event, banquet servers serve food and beverages, taking orders and offering dishes to guests, making sure that there is enough food for everyone.

Bus Dishes

Banquet servers collect used dishes and utensils from tables and return them to the dishwashing area those assigned will wash dishes. They make sure that all dishes and utensils are clean before use.

Maintain Cleanliness

In addition to maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in serving food, banquet servers ensure the area is clean and tidy. They clean up messes and spills during the event, wiping surfaces to keep the area presentable.

Banquet Server Skills and Qualifications

Being a banquet server requires a high level of professionalism. Banquet servers are personable, offering great customer service to their guests. Candidates who have one to two years of experience working in server positions. In addition, we are looking or the following skills and qualifications:

• Communication skills – to engage with guests and to work collaboratively with team members and managers
• Physical dexterity – Banquet servers work on their feet for the majority of their shift, lifting and carrying heavy trays, bending, pulling, stooping, or pushing
• Knowledge of food equipment – banquet servers occasionally operate machinery, such as mixers, food processors, food cutters, blenders, coffee machines, and meat slicers.
• Multitasking skills – working in a fast-paced environment, banquet servers are comfortable switching between tasks and working quickly to attend to different needs while maintaining poise
• Professionalism – maintaining a high level of professionalism, banquet servers have an eye for presentation, making sure the tables are set and all uniforms are clean and presentable

Banquet Server Education and Training

Although there are no educational requirements to be a banquet server, they should have at least a high school education. Banquet servers receive on-the-job-training to learn the specific processes and procedures of the company . A servers are required to have a food handler’s certificate.

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