Approaches That Will Help You Find New Customers on LinkedIn 

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Linkedin has now garnered more than 500 million members and counting!

LinkedIn has a reputation for people who are searching to be placed in a job or for a company looking for workers.  However, it is one of the most useful social media sites in finding and linking persons with potential customers. 

Acquiring more customers is the main challenge for new companies. Linkedin can help solve this problem and aid in closing deals with potential customers. 

 It doesn’t matter if you just started using social media or you already have a ton of followers, these tips we are about to share will assist in you discovering new customers, establish rapport with them and share your advertising operations. 

You Can Use Linkedin to Expand Your Business

1. Let them Know What Services You Offer

Let people know your skill set and services you provide.

Create a list of your services and endorse what makes you stand out from the competition. Be very specific.

It’s better to carve a niche and cater to persons within your target audience.  Since there are many different ways to portray your work on LinkedIn, you can narrow down your best services and successfully showcase them to your audience. 

 Also, consider the things that you do not want to do. If you are not competent on a specific topic or skill, avoid clients who want to focus on that particular line of work.  

2. Determine the Perfect Customer for your Business

Consider this:

  • Do the skills you provide attract the type of customers you want?
  • Who are the type of clients that you work with best? 

The answers you produce will form your ideal client.  Before you go in search of potential clients, you need to specifically know what constitutes a perfect client. 

Drafting a character sheet can aid in you identifying what your ideal client is like and therefore, you would have a more successful search for them on LinkedIn. 

(If you want to assess your client’s profile, you can simply add your business’ LinkedIn to the dashboard to view your followers by address, type of job and the field they are in. 

3. Spend Some Time Perfecting Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn allows you to put your best foot forward.  First impressions are important so make sure you are showing off your assets. 

Some customers will be interested in hiring you based on the presentation of your profile. Here is a list of things to include in your account: 

  • A formal business like picture
  • A brief but vivid job title
  •  A personalized banner that looks professional
  • A brief description of your expertise
  • A catalogue that showcases the work you can do for your customers 

Also, remember to always upgrade your account when you have accomplished new research, gained a skill and/or further your education. You can do this for both your business as well as leisure pages. 

You want to make sure your profile is close to perfect before publicizing it. 

4. Utilize Connection Requests  

Prospective clients are better to work with than random users of the site.  If you were to meet new customers at a work event and they are in a similar field as you, forward them a connection request.  Make sure to remind them of who you are and how you guys met. 

You can even take this approach to non prospective clients, this will aid in building your social connections

5. Become Familiar With Important Features

 Looking for more leads? Look at the sidebar on the right side of the page that has “People Also Viewed”. Here you can find more potential leads. 

 linkedin sidebar for recommendations

6. Become apart of  LinkedIn Groups

If you want to expand your social network, you can connect with some groups that have similar interests as you.  Getting involved with these groups will help you to meet and engage with prospective consumers in a way that seems genuine. 

You can use the search bar on your homepage to discover these groups. You can type in “analytics” in the search field  to see different groups.joing linkedin groups

7. Make Valuable Content

 In order to increase your credibility and authority, you need to create content that is unique and is of substance.  When blogging, you can use Pulse, LinkedIn’s publishing programme, to create posts that others can see.  If you have other content, like videos, you can add it as a link on your account or post it in your portfolio. 

The image below will show you how to create and publish your article. 

writing linkedin posts

To ensure things are going well, you can view the analytics on your published article. 

8. Make your Requests Personal

You should not just utilize LinkedIn’s default text, you can write a short unique message when you request to connect with new people. 

You should let them know in the message if you have already met or if you guys both share an acquaintance.  However, if you are strangers then it takes a little more effort to write a good message. You can start by praising their work or content on LinkedIn. 

When you customize your text for the person you are trying to connect to it makes it more likely for them to respond and accept your request.  

9. Thank them

Whenever a new person accepts your request you should thank them.  Make sure to do this within 24 hours.  If you are able to, start a conversation with them by making a query or praising the person’s accomplishments. 

10. Connect with your viewers

Connect with persons who have viewed your account or articles on LinkedIn Pulse, it most likely means they are interested in what you do. However, just know that you can only view the last five persons who saw your profile if your account is free. 

You can upgrade your account to a premium one to resolve this issue, however, if you are not able to do so then it is recommended that you regularly check those views so you don’t miss out on connecting with new people. 

Cultivating Leads on LinkedIn

You are now half way there! When you finally have leads that can benefit from your company’s services you need to be careful on how you deal with them.  You need to have a more personal touch when you interact with your lead. Here are some ways you can cultivate your relationship with your leads:

11. Check up on them

Make sure you continuously check up with your potential clients every once in a while. You can do this by: 

  • LinkedIn makes you know when your lead changes their job profile, so if they got a promotion or accomplished something great congratulate them on it. 
  • You can engage them in the LinkedIn groups
  • Sharing information that  your connection might find valuable.
  • Speak about their articles as well as other content on LinkedIn Pulse. 

Be intentional when you are interacting with your lead. Make sure what you have to say has some value. For instance, don’t just say “good article” on a lead’s post, instead give your own opinion on what they wrote. 

12. Provide Assistance to Your Leads

In order to gain new clients they first have to believe in you. You can do this by being sincere and helpful with their needs.  Try to give them support without expecting them to pay it forward. Don’t try to push your business on them but instead try to build a stable connection. 

13. Introduce people to each other

If you want to be more amiable with your leads you can introduce both of your clients to each other ,  this will work if you think they will relate to each other well and you know both of their interests. 

14. Let Your Accomplishments speak for themselves

Make sure you have your qualifications and achievements on LinkedIn as persons will have a hard time believing in you and wanting to work with you if you are all bark and no bite. 

Don’t downplay your achievements! How will you expect to gain clients? Make sure you establish a catalogue of all your brilliant projects you have completed and unique content that will showcase your talents. 

15. Learn to Wait

When you have established good rapport with your leads this will increase your chances of them becoming your consumer.  However, building a relationship takes time and consistent engagement. Before you introduce your business to your lead, take the time to get to know them, be sincere and amicable that way they will find you to be trustworthy and you will convert them to clients.

The Lesson

LinkedIn is a great way to discover jobs. It allows you to connect with people in a variety of fields and people may even need your exact experience and skill set.

Treat LinkedIn like any other network platform. Be polite, engage with others, and be aware of opportunities that you can use to your advantage.  If you utilize these strategies, you will have a customer base as long as black river! 

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