Are you seen? How to sell yourself to potential employers

It is the goal of the employer to  find the most suitable candidate for the  available position, who will be beneficial to  the company.  It should be your aim to be ahead of the competition. The person who secured the job may not be the most skilled, however, that person may have presented himself/ herself as an individual with great potential.  

 Self-branding is the main objective for creating a resume.  An attractive self marketing pitch is critical to gaining the attention of employers. Marketing oneself helps to  persuade the employer of the valuable asset you will be to  their company. Being a well rounded multifaceted team-player will help boost your chances with employers.  Many employers search for skills and abilities  which are aligned with the company’s brand. If there is effective effort  in self branding, employers will then assume that equal effort will be made in the workplace.

For efficient and effective marketing you must highlight your merits and display your worth. Show employers how useful you can be to their organization. Place your skills, attitude, expertise and personality in the spotlight and allow employers to assess what you bring to the table.

Make the case for yourself by: 

  1. Standing out and being unique 
  2. Boosting online presence 
  3. Becoming a social butterfly / Being open to corporate mingles.
  4. Conveying an attractive pitch
  5.  Exhibiting how your techniques will benefit the company  (Showing what you have to offer)
  6. Get to know about about the company  and what it has to offer (know what you are getting into)
  7. Aim to be an expert in the field 
  8.  Showing your confidence through your attire

Standing out and being unique-

What do you want people to think about when they hear your name? Personal branding helps you to be outstanding on a personal and professional level.  Your branding should express and communicate your skills, personality, and values. Here are two things can are included in a personal brand:

 A formal photo – Employers are extremely observant. Believe it or not, people tend to create an impression about others based on how they look or dress. Ensure that every visual representation of you is one which gives the employer the impression that you are a serious, intelligent, and responsible candidate.

A catchphrase which advertises your expertise – This gives the   employer a brief view as it relates to your skills and experiences, which makes them aware of how you can be beneficial to their development.
e.g I help Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) find the most suitable candidates to fill job vacancies.

Boost your online presence –

Increasingly, networking sites are used as tools by recruiters and hiring managers to seek out sources of talent. Therefore,  It can be  beneficial for you to display your qualities and expertise publicly. This helps you to build a  good social capital—a characteristic that will help you stand out to recruiters and hiring managers.

Become a social Butterfly

You may want to attend regional events catering to your career field, especially if potential employers are listed to be there. This provides an avenue for meeting  potential employers and advertising your brand. Create a list of likely companies which you have an interest in and rule out what events they would be present. That’s one way to stay productive while having fun.

Conveying an attractive pitch-

Whether at meet and greets events or through interviews , conveying an attractive pitch should immediately capture your possible employers attention. A capable and solid speech should grant you roughly 30 seconds to relate your skills, goals and experiences. 

Available  below are the fundamentals to incorporate in your attractive pitch:

  • State your name , express you appreciation  for the opportunity 
  •  Highlight your educational background and work experience.
  •  State what are you good at and how they will be of benefit.
  •  Make  note of the position that you are interested or comfortable in.
  • Make known your passion for the job and what you can bring to the table.

 Exhibiting how your techniques will benefit the company

You may discover that many qualified applicants possess the same skills as you do but do not to be discouraged. What you must then do is take that common skill and express how you will use it for the betterment of the organization. 

Get to know  about the company  and what it has to offer

Persons who love and care about their career are genuinely more productive on the job. As such; employers will select candidates who come across as more passionate. Being prepared for an interview will help the employer to get that impression. Be sure to research the company’s mission and goals, social media pages, websites and reviews.

Aim to be an expert in the field– Educating yourself on the company’s brand and products or services it offers is a good way to meet the ranks of an industry expert. In doing so, you brand  yourself as an industry expert and  companies will acknowledge your responsibility and will express more interest in hiring you.

 Showing your confidence through your attire – Ensure that you are not only dressed professionally, but appropriately. The first judgment an interviewer makes is going to be based on your dress code and body language.

If you wear a suit to an interview for a camp counselor, or a T-shirt to an interview at a bank, it’ll send the message that you don’t truly understand what’s involved in the role. Learn about the different  industry fashion cultures; some are obviously more casual than others. It’s also usually fine to inquire about the dress code while setting up the interview.

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