Boost Your Career with Internship & Volunteer Experience.

Volunteerism and internship are two opportunities for persons seeking to gain valuable experience in an area they may be interested in. These experiences also provide persons with the opportunity to activate their skills and knowledge. Participants are also given the opportunity to obtain new skills and experiences that can be of future use. 

Why should you consider an internship? 

In the working world your educational achievements lay the foundation on which your resume will stand. However, one thing that is guaranteed to keep the employer’s interest in you as a candidate, is the amount of experience you’ve acquired particularly in your field of interest. Having  some form of experience has become an important aspect of the hiring process. If you are a  candidate that lacks experience, this includes internship or voluntary work most employers will not consider you as a potential employee. 

One way in which internship has become beneficial to job seekers is through the relationship it builds. Oftentimes, whenever a person serves as an intern with a particular company, a job offer is given at the end of the tenure. When a meaningful relationship is established with professionals, it paves the way for a smooth transition into the work-world.

Gaining internship experience as a student, will put you in a position to to start off at a higher pay grade in comparison to your colleagues who have no professional experiences. 

Hands-on experience, increased knowledge, networking and establishing connections that could be used as reference are just a few of the benefits that internship and volunteerism can offer. Internship exposes students to what it is like in the working world, as it relates to their field of study. It  also gives them the opportunity to explore other options. Some people tend to change their interest as they become more exposed to and aware of different working environments. 

Perks of voluntary work 

  • Volunteering gives you the advantage of having experience in a particular field before graduating. 
  • Most people wont work for free because it is not ideal, however if you’re committed and willing to work with only the benefit of experience, that goes a long way in letting you stand out from the crowd in the eyes of employers. 
  • If you establish a relationship with the company you’re volunteering for you could easily end up working for them in the future. 
  • Internship may not be ideal for everyone but volunteering serves as a good source to build your resume as well as obtain references. 
  • Volunteering shows  that you believe in community engagement and you’re willing to give your time and effort to help others.  
  • Another way volunteering can be beneficial is by broadening your perspective on life. You may experience challenges in the workplace and discover ways of adjusting or overcoming these challenges.
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