Building an Online Community for your Small Businesses

Ask yourself this question. What do you think about persons who share common interests, goals and support you on your journey to success?

They are trustworthy, friendly and you appreciate them.

When all of this is put together, what do you get? A community, your community.

The same is true within the online world. People like to be a part of a community where there is trust, friendliness and appreciation. And this community is exactly what brands and online businesses are building to attract potential customers.

What is the secret behind the success of an online community?

.  An interactive space and captivating content.

Undoubtedly, the biggest take away is the ability for people to contribute towards this space through various ways such as posting links, sharing content and much more.

Another important factor is that the community operators must effectively bear their responsibility of keeping their content pertinent, reputable and their customers consistently engaged.

 Amazing profits!

Starting and growing a successful online following can yield astounding benefits such as

  • Members of the community who are active, will assist in answering questions that may be geared towards you which will make it more personal
  • You get feedback from your customers which may include their preferences and will in turn make you aware of how to improve your business as you grow.
  • Your level of customer loyalty and customer retention increases. It actually costs less to retain a customer than to gain one. The already seasoned customers are willing to try new products and promote them which is also free marketing right there!
  • Your brand becomes more reputable. It is important that you are able to speak about your product with conviction because this shows that you are knowledgeable about your field and customers will trust that you can provide proper advice and solutions 
  • Be open to new ideas and suggestions. Formation of alliances can be a positive as it makes room for discussions. Who knows! This may highly likely provide answers to a problem or generate ideas to help with improvements.
  • Different keywords and related content from similar social communities are often brought up by browsers which will increase your chances of gaining traction when people are searching for topics related to your online business

Remember it won’t always be positive 

It’s very important that your duty as a moderator be taken seriously. Always keep your engagement with the customers as positive and professional as possible and monitor the levels of involvement so that a fun and safe environment can be sustained for all customers.

It is a possibility that persons may misinterpret statements and opinions or even fail to communicate as they would want to by virtue of the absence of body languages, tones, facial expressions among others in the online world (Luckily emojis and gifs are now being normalized!)

Watch out also, for chaos on a networking platform. Sometimes there can be an excess of chatter that may cause a diversion from the original intent of the discussion and this can cause members to become weary.

Begin forming your own online fanbase

It is okay to start small. When starting out, size is not your biggest priority. What is more important is consistency in all aspects of your engagement with the social environment and eventually, the size will gradually grow once individuals find your content gripping and relevant.

Privacy for the environment and it’s members is a good element. This generates trust and provides a comfortable space for persons to participate.

Market your social community, but at the same time don’t allow members to feel as if they are being forced to do this as well. Remember to let your guard down a little so that the members can get to know you and your business instead of feeling as if you are unapproachable. 

In conclusion, you may ask the question “Where do I set up my online community?” Let Digital Impak help you. Accessible alternatives are always rising and spans most of our well-known social media platforms.

The digital world is a huge sea of opportunities and it is up to you to take advantage of it and make a social environment of your own. Build your brand, get interactive with customers and get creative with your content. It is all out there so go for it!

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