Capitalizing on Online Sales for Your Online Business  

In the marketing world, there might be doubts of whether a product will sell or not, and that is why it is very important to create successful sales campaigns to attract as many customers as possible, with that in mind let us move forward together in looking at the different ways to create successful sales campaigns.  


Whenever there is a holiday season, e-commerce marketplaces promote their products vigorously and lengthily for that coming holiday. For whichever season it may be, it will be the time when sales will be offered widely. Some sales offer that is often used by many businesses is “30% to 50% off for a period of time.  Another sales tactic of the offer could be “buy one get one free (BOGO)” or any offer you are able to give. These offers will help promote customer loyalty and is a great way to advertise your business. 

Types of Offers 

Creating attractive sales campaigns can be a trick. Using your campaign to appeal to customers while portraying personal benefits to them is one key to having a successful sales campaign. Here are some tactics you can use:

  1. Specials: coupons can be used in sales campaigns to lure new customers to buy from your store. Example “new25”. This helps to motivate customers to make a purchase.
  2. Offer discounts for orders crossing a set purchase limit: some wholesale and retail companies usually offer a discount to purchases over a certain limit. Although this tactic doesn’t necessarily generate a lot of sales, it can when paired with good timing and high demand. 
  3. Also on discounts: discounts are a must in successful sales campaigns. Customers will always be looking out for discounts when shopping. And the higher the discount percentage the more likely it is for customers to want to purchase from you.
  4. Free delivery: customers are usually attracted to businesses that offer free delivery (in and around certain areas). 

Using Social Media to Promote Sales

Advertising your sales campaigns on popular online platforms will help in getting your deals in the eyes of potential customers and increase sales performance for the target audience.  

In creating a successful sales campaign one must decide the perfect promoting time and advertising platform to attract its target audience while keeping the businesses budget in mind.  

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