Essential Tips for Designing Your Ecommerce Website

The design of an E-commerce website determines how successful a business will be. Simple changes to your E-commerce website can bring more attention to your online business.  

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These successful design tips are for you. 

1. Don’t Crowd the Page

Having too much product information or pictures on one page can be very overwhelming and distracting for a customer. Try using simple designs and plain colors. Large attractive product images and short information on one product page at a time will help customers find the product they want to buy. This can even encourage them to purchase something else because they can focus on one item at a time. 

2. Simplify Your Checkout Page 

Reducing the clutter on your checkout page will help customers stay focused on completing their purchase and buying all the items in their cart. 

Here is how to design your E-commerce website to get loyal customers and increase purchases.

  • Include customer reviews on your website to build customer trust and reduce how many customers leave the website without making a purchase.
  • Limit ads and unnecessary menus that can distract the customer at the checkout page.
  • Encourage the customer to buy more by suggesting related products and provide links to easily add those products to the cart.
  • Offer free delivery to encourage the customer to go through with the transaction and come back to buy more. 

3. Make Your Website Accessible

Your main page should be attractive and easy to read. Make the menu colors stand out on the page so that the customers can easily find what they are looking for.  

Make sure that the mobile version of your E-commerce store is also accessible because a lot of online shoppers will access your website on their smart devices. Adjust the size and font of menu links so that they are easy to select with the tap of a finger. 

4. Classic Logo

Your brand logo should be attractive yet simple. It should be clear enough for people to remember and recognize anywhere. Your logo should present a consistent image for your small business. You can easily make your own with a number of free apps.

5. Add Directly to Cart 

It can be useful to have an add to cart button on your product catalog page to allow your customers the benefit of adding an item to their cart while they continue to shop for another. Another feature can be added to view items already in the cart without having to leave the product listing. Customers will enjoy these convenient features when using your website, especially on their phones.

6. Using the Right Colors 

Selecting the right colors to use for your website background is very important in getting new customers. This also applies to the add to cart button. Some colors are more attractive and can give a certain feeling to the customers that will make them want to buy. Some colors like red and yellow are used to grab the customers’ attention. The color of your cart button should stand out from the background colors on your e-commerce website page but be bright and attractive. 

7. Give Your Customers a Great Shopping Experience

Check how fast your E-commerce website will load on a desktop or mobile device. You can increase your sales when customers have a fast and quick experience with your online business. Improve the loading speed of your website to increase your sales. Upgrade the page’s features and web design to keep it inviting and watch your potential audience become loyal customers. 

Following these great tips and you’ll create your E-commerce store will help to boost customer attraction and loyalty. 

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