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Finding the Right Social Media Clients 

Did you know that you can get your small business growing in no time? If you know the type of customer that you want to promote your products to and you know where to reach them, you can position yourself in that space to increase visibility and have maximum conversions. Below are ways in which small business owners can find the right social media clients.

Why Social Media?

Here are two reasons:

  • The majority of buyers online use social media.

In Jamaica, there are over 1 million people on Facebook alone and over 850,000 people use Instagram. That means if you promote your online business on social media, you have the potential to reach over 1.8  million customers.

If you are advertising your online business in Jamaica on social media, you can potentially connect to almost the entire Jamaican population.

  •  Social media is a good forum for advertising 

Social media allows online businesses to use client data in order to present them with specific ads. 

How to Recognize the Right Social Media Clients for Your Small Business

Below is a list that your online business can follow to find the right social media customers.  

  1.  Use of the Social Media Search Bar

The search bar is located at the top of your social media page. screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-2-45-06-pm

Here is an example of how to use the search bar for your business.

 Example 1

 If you have a clothing store, your potential customer would be a person looking for trendy fashion.

To narrow down your search you may want to search for a particular area or city like Kingston for example.

In the search bar, you would type: fashion pages liked in Kingston.

Example 2

You are opening a vegetarian restaurant and want to locate people who practice healthy living.

You could search for: pages liked by people who are vegetarians. 

find your ideal client on facebook - graph search 2

In the two examples, the results would show the pages that your potential customers like and often visit so you know where to target them.

  1. Identifying the Right Pages

Look at the pages that your potential customers liked using the examples above. Look at how active the page is, how many people like the page, and if they allow others to post on their page. Social media pages help you to understand how active your potential customers are and the pages they are most active on. Pages also give you the top location of the users on that page so that you can know how close you are to your customers.

After you have found the right pages, you can leave posts or comments using your business page, never your personal account.

Find you ideal clients on facebook - FB post
  1. Join Groups 

Groups are social media communities that allow you to send posts to a large number of people at once. They also give you the opportunity to form a bond and build trust between your business and potential customers. In the group, you have the benefit of positioning yourself to answer questions, provide solutions, and engage with potential customers. 

In every interaction ensure that you direct them to your business and your e-commerce store where they have access to all your products.facebook group

Make sure to follow the rules of the group so that you are not penalized for violation. 

  1. Get to know Your Social Media Audience

There are free online tools and apps that you can use to better understand your potential customers and the kind of content they like.

 The apps allow you to enter relevant information about your target audience and then shows you the users and the app that will fit the criteria for your potential customer. 

The only information you need is where you prefer to find the customers, their gender, and the age range.

You also have the choice of entering interests that the potential client may have. For example: If you are looking for customers to buy your perfume, those customers may also be interested in buying body lotions. 


The best way to increase your customer base using social media, remember to find your potential customers using social media searches and social media analysis tools. Digital Impak can help you today.

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