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Get Your Small Business in Jamaica Online and Beat COVID-19 

Starting an online business does a lot not only to serve the society with social distancing rules in place to bring down the number of COVID-19 cases but to make your small business successful in the Jamaican economy. Now is the best time to get your small business online. Here, we’ll discuss a few points to get you successfully operating your own e-commerce store.

Let’s look at these three things:

  • The pros of having an online business in Jamaica 
  • Becoming an ecommerce business
  • Managing your small business in the online market

The Pros of an Online Business in Jamaica 

When other businesses are scaling down, your small business can be there to get those extra customers who are looking for a business that is ready to meet their needs. With an online business your doors are never closed, and your e-commerce store will always be available to your potential and loyal customers. In this modern age, it is necessary for small business owners to keep up with trends in order to look modern and current to the growing online market. The increase that your small business will have in sales will be a benefit of your e-commerce website even after COVID.

Advantages of Having an Online Business:

  • Having a website allows customers to visit your business 24/7.
  • It is less cost effective to start up an online business than to maintain a physical store.
  • You can operate your business smoothly from any location without ever having to close your doors.  

Make the change today. Take your small business online and watch the success. With DIGITAL IMPAK, you can be on your way to creating your online business in no time. 

Becoming an Ecommerce Business

An e-commerce website is all your small business needs to start making online transactions. You can easily set up your website with Digital Impak. Digital Impak offers every assistance you need to build your e-commerce website and you’ll be making sales as soon as the website is completed. 

Here is a list to guide you when thinking about having an online business: 

  1. The product and services your small business offers
  2. Your business and contact information 
  3. The payment you accept
  4. The delivery options you offer

We have more information to answer all your questions that will guide you in the process of creating your ecommerce store. 

Do you already have your online business but want to start connecting with more customers? Digital Impak is here to help you improve your online business so that you can reach more of your target audience.

Now that Digital Impak has helped you to make the transition to online, your customers can start accessing your website and making purchases immediately. And remember, it’s always good to remind the customers that you offer safe delivery and pick-up options. 

View All Orders

An e-commerce website allows you to see all the order details of each customer including, the customer’s name, contact information, product they purchased, the payment option they selected and how they want the product to be delivered to them. You can use this information to improve your products and make purchase suggestions to particular customers. You get an email when a customer makes a purchase from your online store and you can also decide if you want notifications to be sent to your mobile device as well.  

To improve the customer’s experience, you should notify the customer that their order has been shipped by updating the status of the order to ‘Shipped’ and then “Delivered” after the delivery process is completed. You get a notification when the customer pays for the order so that you can begin to process the order and deliver the product. There are also features that update you when payment has not been made. This lets you know which customers you can follow up with. Your customers will appreciate it when you reach out to them and make them feel special. 

Managing Your Small Business in the Online Market

Converting customers is easy when you upscale your small business by starting an e-commerce website with Digital Impak. The following tips will help you stand out above the competition. 

Sell Trending Products 

When you have an online business, selling products that are trending can generate more profit for your business. For example, With COVID-19 being a big issue across the world, more people are looking to buy protective equipment, cleaning agents and even non-perishable items. 

You can alter your services to be more convenient for your customers’ needs and safety. You can sell in larger quantities, bundle items and offer more delivery options like same day shipping to increase convenience. Your customers will be sure to come back.

Give Coupons and Discounts

Coupons and discounts give your customers incentive to remain loyal to your business and it gives them a valuable and compelling reason to return and spend more. Your discounts can apply to particular items or value of a product. Coupon codes can be sent to your loyal customers to be used in their next purchase.

Pick-up and Delivery 

Delivery methods should be safe for both you and your customer. It is now becoming popular to have the customers meet to pick-up their purchase. Here are how pickups can be done:

  • Choose a location to meet up.
  • Keep close telephone contact with the customer when going to meet them.
  • It is best to carry out the delivery yourself.
  • Reduce contact as much as possible when transferring any product or payment.

Making a delivery without coming in direct contact with the customer is the best way to deliver orders safely. Other safe options to consider include the post office or a courier service that can make home deliveries. 

Sell Digital Goods

Selling digital items is one of the safest and easiest ways to sell online. These products don’t need to be delivered, just simply downloaded by the customer. There is a wide variety of digital items you can sell online. They include:

  • Audio books and recipe books creative templates
  • Academic papers and research
  • Online lessons and webinars
  • Branding services and photo editing services 
  • Logo designs and business card designs, etc. 

Sign Up for a Google Business Account

Putting up your e-commerce website on your Google account allows for easy access to information about your online business to customers and potential customers. It is a great place to advertise your website and show what you offer. You can also share posts and customer reviews for potential clients to see with the link to your website to direct the customer back to your page. 

Work with Other Small Businesses That Offer Similar Services

Having good business relationships with other small businesses in your area is a good way to attract even more customers. You will be able to attract additional customers from your partnership when customers see your dedication to meet their needs.

Keep in Contact with Clients

Always have the communication line between your small business and your customers open by keeping your customers updated on information about your business. This can easily be done through social media where you can promote old and new products, deals and delivery options and any updated contact information.

Be Open for Donations

There are some very generous customers who would just love to donate and support the growth of their favourite online business. You can allow customers to donate to your small business by adding a donation button to your online store website.

Make the donate button visible and make it clear to your customers that they can donate to help your small business succeed. Share the link to your website page where donations can be made and when a donation is made, be sure to show your appreciation. This will encourage future donations. 

Start Your Ecommerce Business in Jamaica Right Now!

Don’t wait to start making money with an online store today. If you have an existing online business, Digital Impak can help you upgrade to a premium e-commerce store to keep your small business growing. Operate your online business from the comfort of your home and reap the benefits.

Digital Impak is here to guide you on your e-commerce journey and provide you with advice and guidance to ensure the growth of your small business.

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