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Here-are-5-Cost-Effective-Tips-To-Push-Conversions | Ecommerce & Business websites


Sales is of utmost importance! Your goal is to ensure that every visitor buys a product before they step foot out of your store, with the intention of returning. However, you don’t want to make this desire obvious to them. 

And you’d like to do so at no extra cost to you or your business. 

What an impractical thought, right? 

Actually, you might just be surprised to know how wrong you are. 

There are many solutions at your disposal regardless of whether or not you have enough funds to hire professional help to boost the growth and popularity of your business. 

The only requirement is your time and dedication. 

Presented to you are 5 more than effective solutions to attract potential patrons to your e-commerce store. 

  1. Increase the quality of your product images while also providing a selection of photos per product to capture their essence. You may do so by taking multiple high quality shots of their varying angles. And to make the images even more appealing and vibrant, place your products against a white background to help them stand out. Eye catching product images are the key element to a successful online business.
  1. Brainstorm and write down ‘award winning’ descriptions of each product ensuring to include quality assurance and highlight each product’s unique feature. While this will aid in capturing the intrigue of customers, the descriptions must be minimal and easy to read so as not to confuse or overburden the customers with information. Genuinely interested patrons will take the time to read product descriptions and so it is important to write attractive, concise but informative descriptions of each product.
  1. Reviews of your products are also useful to include on your site to encourage interest in them. It is beneficial in that customers feel secure in knowing the experiences that others have had with products that they are interested in prior to buying them for themselves; it is a part of human nature. Is this not true of you also? Ensure, however, to keep the reviews honest and not manufactured as customers are able to recognize false reviews.
  1. It is advised that you include instructional video content on your e-commerce store  to demonstrate to customers how to use your products or simply the uses of the products, anything applicable really. Some customers prefer to watch something rather than to read and so you will be able to reach a whole other set of people. Ensure that the videos, regardless of who is shooting them, make use of good lighting, clear and scripted audio, a decent background and are steady. This will guarantee quality videos.
  1. Keep costs upfront. Don’t leave the customer disgruntled by an additional fee that they were not able to take into account before getting ready to checkout. The checkout process must be uncomplicated and secure for the customer. Think about partnering with your favorite shipping companies like Tara, Knutsford etc, which are supported located, and reliable payment systems such as Sagicor. Some of these options are not yet automated but are a strong possibility in the near future. With facilities like these, customers feel secure and confident in making their purchases.

Now is the time to make use of these 5 solutions to bring in online traffic and willing patrons to your ecommerce store. These foolproof tips have been tried and proven to be true by physical stores, so in reality, your actions will replicate that of the same. For instance, your product images are equivalent to a physical shop display where each angle taken mirrors the act of a customer physically taking up a product and checking out all its features. 

As Joel Anderson, Walmart CEO said, “You can’t just open a website and expect people to flood in. If you really want to succeed you have to create traffic.” Let us help you create that traffic for your Jamaican ecommerce store.

You just went through 5 top tricks that will increase your sales and  your customers will appreciate and feel encouraged to visit and purchase from your e-commerce store. Keep in mind that these are not overnight fixed as everything has to be tested over time. These are the online versions to physical store space strategies like good marketing and great customer experience.

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