Frequently ask questions (FAQ) saves time!

New, potential and existing customers will have many questions to ask, while everything won’t be answered here it should cover most. When a customer visits your FAQ page they should feel as though they are speaking directly with you. Your answers need to be short efficient and easy to understand. This helps to build trust and confidence and will help to turn your visitors into buyers by you guessed it answering the frequently answered questions without a staff or resource.

A well done FAQ page save loads of time for you and your customers.

So review the page you have created for your site and make the most of this opportunity to speak to shoppers who come visiting. 

Must-haves on your FAQ Page

1. Understandable and short sentences.

Be brief and get the point as too much text will become confusing.

2. Why an updated FAQ is important

Your FAQ page needs to be updated as often as you change products and services and even your policies, it needs to be posted, it is not a one time update.

3. Keep it simple.

Keep it really simple, this way you avoid distraction and stick to the point.

4. Categorizing Creating the right categories for FAQ’s

Make it easy to follow to avoid any frustrations from your customers. For example, put all payment information underpayments and all refunds and returns under that topic. This way it is easy to read and locate information. 

Top questions to include on your FAQ list  

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When putting this together, think on every part of your online store, processes and products and services and create questions for the areas that are not so easy or could possibly be a little confusing if not done correctly and simplify for them. For as simple as your products and/ or services to your escalation process.

Below you will find a few questions that may help you to create your FAQ page.

Products/ Services 

  • What are the services or products being sold?
  • What makes these products or services unique?
  • How are they different from competition or what is available in the market?
  • Do you have any quality measure your products adhere to?
  • Do you launch new products? When?

Refunds and return policy.

  • Do you accept returns? If so, what reasons are accepted? Change of mind? Size doesn’t fit? Manufacturing defect?
  • Do you allow refunds? Or repair?
  • How should customers contact you for repair, refunds, returns, or queries?
  • How long do customers have to contact you after receiving their order?

Referral Program

  • Do you offer loyalty points or referral points, gift certificates, etc.? What are the terms?
  • How can customers join the referral program?
  • If I refer persons do I get a discount?


  • Where do you ship to? 
  • How long does it take you to process an order before it is dispatched?
  • Do you ship packages locally only or internationally?
  • How are your orders priced for shipping? 
  • What should the customer do if the order doesn’t reach within the stipulated time?

Payment Methods

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • Do you offer a payment plan? Do you offer booking facility? If so, how long do you give customers to make the payment before their order is cancelled?  
  • Is your site secure? 

Professional and friendly goes a long way

How to find the right audience for your business

You want your FAQ page to be as friendly and polite as if the customer was talking to someone via a phone call or chat or even email. Be mindful of the tone and grammar that is used to ensure you are confident, clear, and have a smile.

Note : Include the contact information in every point that requires a follow up.

Keep in mind that FAQ answers that are clear and helpful can serve as an advantage for both potential and existing customers.

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