How to Use Instagram Get More Customers and Drive Up Sales 


Have you been using Instagram to promote your business online? Instagram is a great platform to generate sales for your business. All you need in order to gain a large number of customers and boost sales, it’s as simple as carefully preparing and posting a picture and video content that can attract customers and direct them to your website. Here are some ways Instagram can help you generate a lot of sales:

  • Design posts to attract customers.

In order to attract customers to your Instagram page, you need to have attractive pictures of your product or service that will appeal to a specific type of buyer. A social media calendar will help you organize your content based on themes that match your business plan. It is best to separate your business from your personal Instagram account to have a central focus on your brand.  

  • Interact with your target audience. 

After building your account, let’s get your customers to follow your page. 

  • Follow your customers.

Interact with your target customers on their page. Search for accounts to follow that line up with what you sell. For example, if your target market is small businesses, you can use hashtags like #smallbusiness, #SME or #entrepreneur. Use your hashtags when commenting under your customers’ posts to draw their attention to your page. 

  • Find followers using filtering apps.

There are apps that you can use to follow Instagram accounts that are similar to yours to increase the possibility of potential customers finding your account when looking for particular content. You can also unfollow accounts that don’t follow you back. That way, you ensure that the pages that you follow are following your account. 

  • Provide links to your website.

With your Instagram account full of content promoting your products and attracting followers and potential customers, share links to your website that will bring the customer directly to the product page. Customers are more likely to buy when they can easily find where to get your product. 

  • Have a mobile website.

It would be very useful to make your website easily accessed from mobile devices since that’s how most customers are checking their Instagram account and will be likely to access your website from a link on your page.   

  • Collaborate with influencers. 

Team up with other people who are popular on Instagram to promote your business and products to their followers. When they review and promote your product to their audience, your Instagram page will get more attention and bring more customers to your website. 

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