I Excelled at Public Speaking! You can too

Would you like to use mere words to impact change? Well public speaking is your tool! This will equip you with improved communication skills and a very strong confidence by empowering you to overcome your fears. 

Here’s how you deliver on that speech: 

  1.  Be passionate about the subject 

It will be easier for your audience to understand and relate to what you are saying if they believe you. If the speaker is authentic the energy will ricochet through the crowd and engage the audience.

  1. Own your topic 

Avoid drifting from your main points. It is important to stay on topic so everyone can follow along and participate.

  1.  Add supporting Points

State the important things you have to say about your Main points. Ensure these details are important, distinct, and relevant. 

  1.  Make use of Attention Grabbers

You may want to include means of engaging the audience like telling a story or using a popular quote. Whatever you choose, do ensure that it is suitable and appropriate.

  1. Get familiar with applications before hand

Keep in mind that you can’t know what you don’t know. Get familiar with all tools being used in order to maximize software capability and have the strongest impact.

  1.  Use an executive guide / business model

The audience will judge what they see so ensure all visual representations are professional and conducive to your topic.

  1.  Rehearse 

Has anyone ever told you that practice makes perfect? Well they were right!

Frequently practicing your speech will make you better at delivering it.

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