Increase Your E-commerce Sales With These Words

Increase Your E-commerce Sales With These Words

In order to engage a lot of customers online and gain more sales, you should ensure that you use Content Marketing 

The usage of written online content is important for small businesses, in fact, it helps to create leads and display valuable experiences that customers are attracted to in today’s life.

Having good content will forever differentiate you from your competitor. It is important to use content marketing as it aids in creating an excessive amount of leads, which in turn generate and increase sales, not only that, it will also create a better experience for your customers.

Below we have some words that are guaranteed to increase your business sales:

#1: The

When giving your blog articles a title, the simple three-letter word “the” makes your topic have a big impact on your readers, it makes it more official and it commands attention from your readers. 

For example, The Gleaner company is the oldest newspaper in the western hemisphere, Gleaner means to gather things, with this information, The Gleaner shows it’s dominance and impact on Jamaican culture. The word “The” shows a level of authority and honor.  Identifying something special about your business or expertise can be emphasized by giving it a name and using “the” as a way to highlight its authority. 

Invite the readers to get the full experience by putting links to your website in your articles to increase customer conversion. Also make sure that when you write, it is something that is written with certainty and that you are knowledgeable and competent in whatever you are writing thus educating the customer to build trust.

#2: You

The word “you” is powerful and also personal. Customers love hearing (or reading) that businesses have their best interests at heart by talking to them directly and not talking at them by using the word “you.” Apple is perfect at being personable, which aids in building brand loyalty among its customers.  This creates a dialogue between you and your customer, which will help you as the small business owner to captivate them while establishing great leads that can be turned into sales. 


When you refer to your articles as a “discussion”, it makes your customers feel like you are inviting them to have a conversation with you. It makes the readers feel like you are speaking to them and not at them just as the word “You”. As an e-commerce owner you are giving your audience an opportunity to give feedback by providing a discussion, or comment section on your website, this allows the customers to feel included in the discussion. The most important part, however, is making sure you are listening to what your customers have to say.  Communicating with your audience keeps you updated with any possible problems or needs a customer may have so that you can make the necessary adjustments and keep you connected to them.

Brand New, Popular and Exclusive

Everyone wants to be up-to-date on the latest gadgets and trends.  It’s been proven that customers respond positively to products and services that are popular and they feel like they have exclusive access. Using the terms popular, brand new, and exclusive suggest to your audience that you have something that very little people have seen or heard before or something that your competitors may not have but customers will want which puts your online business on the winning side. 

It is also good to get your customers more involved with decisions that the company makes, for example, if you have a restaurant and looking to add new items to your menu, and you want to know which ones your customers will be interested in you can have a discussion online or a voting poll and whichever one they like the most wins.  This will provide good publicity for your business, increase brand loyalty, and gain more leads. 

Join, Explore and Uncover

Terms like “join”, “explore” and “uncover” are a few words that are effective when used in a call to action (CTA) and usually cause your audiences to want to know, explore or read more about your product or brand. It also doesn’t put pressure on your customers to purchase items, but it subtly nudges your customers to check out the product or service that you have to offer.  By doing this you engage your readers, they will want to visit your website and this, in turn, will increase your leads.

Boost, Upgrade and Grow

Involving words like boost, upgrade, and grow, shows your potential customers that you have something that will be valuable to them that they can use to improve their experiences. Using these words tends to keep your customers alerted that they can gain value from interacting with your e-commerce business.  

Give Examples

You can stand out above your competitors if you give examples in your articles. When you give examples, you show your customers that you are more informed about a topic because you either have experience or you are competent in the area.  A simple word like “also” can put in your customers’ minds that you have more information that they need to know.  These examples give your reader a better understanding of the subject at hand and also help to drive home the message that you are trying to convey.  

In closing 

There are many other powerful words out there that you can use to drastically increase sales, create leads, and gain more customers. However, the ones given are tried and proven to reach customers and successfully increase leads which will lead to sales.You can incorporate these words by using them in your company’s slogans, vision statements, objectives, and social media captions. Now it’s your time, go forth, and use these powerful words and techniques to conquer your audience and achieve success in your business.

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