It’s Time to go Digital!

Creating a digital platform for your business is easy when you fully understand how your audience uses technology to access what they need, when they want. This would include the use of websites and online platforms to attract customers to your product while relaying prices and carry out payment and orders. Some persons might even be well digitally versed and invest in their business by using high-performance e-commerce software.

Multiple firms and businesses worldwide, big and small have been following the trend in using digital platforms to grow their businesses and attract more customers. Digitizing your business has become a key part if not the first step in starting and growing a small business and is widely advised to do so by many especially in these times when there is a pandemic.

Why is going digital important?

The current pandemic has changed our normal way in which we live and work because of the social distancing procedures and rules everyone has to follow. This in turn has increased the need for digitizing businesses to reduce contact during transactions with customers.  

Digital Strategy is Important

Going digital opens your business to more potential growth with e-commerce as a bonus addition to your physical business place. 

Increase your digital advertising and effectiveness 

The good thing about bringing your business online is that even when your physical store is closed, your online store is still available 24/7 for customers to shop anytime they feel the need to.  This brings you even more attraction.

With digitalization when running a business, there is a reduced chance of human error as the programs and advanced technology used in e-commerce manages sale function and stored data for optimum business productivity and efficiency.  

Effective Communication

Having an e-commerce store allows increased connectivity with customers through online platforms. This encourages more customer engagement, loyalty and sales, it also gives the customers more ways to easily get in contact with you. 

More customer engagement increases customer feedback and data so you can improve the quality of your business and satisfy customer needs and preference through social media and your website.

Customers like detailed information on what they are buying. Most persons prefer to buy an item when they know where it is sourced and how eco friendly it is. Example, environmentally friendly persons prefer to purchase vegan and cruelty free products. 

Collecting Useful  Data

The collected data from running your business online can help you choose the more effective ways to attract the audience type you are selling to and make better business decisions.

Enabling E-payments Allows you to go cashless

How Would Your Customer Like to Pay?

Digitalisation helps in the removal of human contact between you and your customer as most payments are done online  through SGQR codes and e payments, this makes the transaction process easier. 

These online payments are usually done by using the options of a ewallet or debit and credit cards. 

Convenient Options

Easy Ordering and Delivery Options 

Everyday people are choosing to order their groceries through online platforms because of it’s easy process, payment and delivery. 

When customers are ordering online there are a number of delivery solutions that can be used. Some customers prefer to pick up their items in an arranged location or have their item delivered directly to them. Some businesses also work with other local businesses that specialize in delivery services. 

Digital Impak helping you

Going digital has become an important  step for small businesses to take to improve their business but some businesses owners might find this change disconcerting. 

Dont worry. We will help you!

Digital impak is here to help you grow your business online with your own ecommece website. We provide a convenient and manageable way to make and use your own ecommerce website without the need of high technological skills.

Digital Impak provides the tools for you to start selling your products on your own website. We offer your own individual webstore and give helpful tips and advice in creating a successful online business. 

Engaging features on the website will allow you to communicate with your customers through other social platforms such as WhatsApp and other messaging apps. Using online platforms will allow you to market to a wider range of people. Especially millennials as they are the target audience that use online platforms.

Other than helping you start up your website or e-commerce  store, Digital Impak will guide you through the process by offering support and tips. This is a great offer to take up for persons who are new to digitizing their business.   

In short

The use of ecommerce has become even more widely used all over the world and  Covid-19 is one of the main reasons why. 

Now more than ever, going digital will push your business forward in so many profitable ways, that is recommended to do so by many.

Taking this step to improve your business online may be disconcerting for some persons but it is a step worth taking when running a business as it helps increase efficiency, productivity and profit. 

Contact them now! 

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