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Let’s Boost your Small Business Growth

The possibilities are endless to grow your small business online.

The worldwide outbreak of CoVID- 19 has weakened the economy during the course of 2020. It has led to many small businesses in Jamaica to go out of business while some are having a hard time remaining open.

But while many stores are closing and with social distancing restrictions in place, the small businesses that have managed to have an increase in sales and remain relevant are the ones that set up their ecommerce store.

This offers hope for growth in this period of difficulty. The key measurement of growth in any business is its sales. And now is the time for small businesses in Jamaica already offering their services to promote their brand or product by presenting their online business to maximize online sales.

Here are some ways to grow your small business and increase your sales.

Creating Your Own Online Marketplace

After establishing your company name and brand and increasing your business’ online presence, it’s time to improve on that growth by using a marketing approach that covers many areas. This can be done by promoting your products and services to your own niche market or target audience.

When you list your products online in popular places like social media or place ads on Google to direct traffic to your website, you will start create a purchase history to be more confident about what core services will determine your customers’ buying patterns.

Social media and creating your own community can start small but can grow into a very large marketplace that is ready to consume your goods and services and create raving fans. This will create a strong brand and customer relationships to help with growth and visibility.

You may be advised that Amazon and eBay are two very popular websites with large marketplaces for you to meet lots of customers. However, our focus is to ensure that your own store is ready before you can position yourself on such bigger platforms. This will allow you to learn your strengths and weaknesses to improve your offers for taking on larger volumes. This will help you prepare for a more competitive space in the future.

Using Social Media to Reach your Customers

Most shoppers are going online. Therefore, now is the time to have a relevant social media platform for your online business.

Understanding your customers’ purchasing habits can help you tailor your social media marketing specifically to who you are want to attract.

If you’re trying to attract a younger market with your product, Instagram is the best place to do your advertising. When you caption your post with relevant and popular hashtags, as well as getting someone who is Instagram famous to support and promote your products, you will have more followers viewing your posts and even buying your products from your page.

It is true that of all the social media websites, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular and it can be very useful if your customers are seeing your ads on their Facebook page. 

Customers appreciate when businesses interact with them over social media to provide answers to questions they may have. This builds a connection between the customer and the business. When customers have a good interaction with you online, the good reviews they leave on your page will convince potential customers that your business can be trusted.

Increasing Your Website’s Visibility with Search- Engine- Optimization (SEO)

When a potential customer searches for your business online, you want to increase their chances of finding you. This is why improving SEO is essential for ecommerce.

Having a good SEO plan increases the chances of people finding your business in a Google search. Knowing your customers’ patterns in terms of the products they’re interested in can help you understand how to use SEO to your advantage.

What is also helpful is to have a website that is mobile- friendly that customers can access right on their phones. Using words that are frequent in searches in your website name and description, as well as content that grab the attention will attract additional customers to your business.


The key to building success for your small business is to be familiar with the online trends to adjust how you present your business to others.

Increasing profits is the goal of every small business in Jamaica. Digital Impak has the resources to help you set up your online store to reach more consumers and drive up your sales.

The success of your business can be achieved at any time if you take advantage of the convenience of ecommerce.

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