Lets Reduce Cart Abandonment 

ecommerce cart abandonment

The abandonment of shopping carts has become an increasing problem for a number of e-commerce websites. Customers who usually collect items on the website’s cart but don’t end up buying the items are usually compared to persons who enter physical stores and fill their trolleys with the intention of buying but leave without purchasing anything. This is also a real issue for companies that store items in customer carts in warehouses to prepare for orders before the customer pays for the item. 

Some ways businesses can fix this problem is by building trust, credibility and reliability with customers. Labeling each item so that the buyer knows exactly what they will be paying for and laying out estimated delivery time for the items. Some market research has shown that some buyers might not be comfortable sharing their contact details in fear of their information being sold or used wrongly. The customer needs to feel like the product will be good and is worth buying. Letting the customer know that the item should be in the cart by a specified time can be helpful.

 Use your check out options to attract instant purchases

The check out page on your business should be made attractive to customers so that they feel more inclined to purchase the item. Having ‘cash on delivery’ as a first option in your check out option, ‘free shipment’’ and ‘delivery within 2-3 days’ can be a key attraction to getting customers to make the order immediately.

Terms and conditions at checkout:

Another efficient way to reduce cart abandonment is to get the buyer to purchase the product by informing them that if they don’t purchase the product in a certain time, the price might increase on their next purchase or the delivery time might be longer. Though this might discourage potential customers, it will reduce cart abandonment.

Improve page load quality 

A contributing factor to why customers will stop at the checkout page is not only out of fear or indecisiveness, but it could be a problem with your page not loading as it has been seen many times. This issue can be fixed with the website creators.


Attracting customers back to your website by advertising items on social media sites and other platforms that were abandoned in their cart can induce remarketing and bring customers back to your website.

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