Master-Marketing-Your E-commerce-Store!

Fewer and fewer people are going to brick and mortar businesses to buy products.  E-commerce has now become popular as it gives its audience a myriad of options to choose from.  Here are seven rules that will help your e-commerce store become a buzzing business!. 

1. Social Networking Sites

Social Commerce

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. can assist with connecting you to as many people as possible, thus growing your list of followers. However, in order to do this you need to put your best foot forward and provide one of a kind content.

2. Be You/Show Your Human Side! 

relatable product names

A clever way to attract customers to your brand is to use appropriate but unique names for your products.  For instance, The Toyota Harrier is an appropriate and sharp name, that is named after a bird in Japan which is where the company was established. On the flip side of things, beauty brands offer products that names are not hard to remember. 

3. Market Your Business Through Products

Promotional merchandise is good

Having memorabilia such as jars, hats and T-shirts with the brand’s image or logo is a very effective strategy.  Recruit others such as friends, family or employees to wear or use these items to help advertise your business and gain customers. 

4.  Funding

sponsorship is also important

You can promote your business by funding local events in your community. You can have a booth at the event or you can have your logo or image on the ticket or posters of the event which will increase brand visibility.  

5. Become a Blogger

Importance of Having a Business Blog

Although you may be camera shy and not very good at writing, this method is a simple and effective way to connect with your target audience.  Customers connect to people who are genuine and honest about themselves as well as their business, so aim to do that!

6.  Specials

sale discount

Customers flock to sales and giveaways as bees flock to honey. Everyone loves a sweet deal!  

7.Form Partnerships to Promote Your Brand

People and Collaboration Concepts

In this day and age E-commerce is now the norm.  Video engagement sites like Youtube have given fun and educational content. People with popular YouTube channels can sway their followers’ decisions on buying particular items. By collaborating with a Youtuber or an influential figure you can convince viewers to check out your brand’s products. 

These seven strategies are very few compared to the wealth of information that is out there which could aid in increasing sales. Being unique and having groundbreaking ideas will place you as one of the most powerful businesses in the advertising industry. 

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