Start your Very Own Successful Online Business in Jamaica

Now more than ever, it’s faster and simpler to shop online because more small businesses are choosing ecommerce. 

Putting your business online isn’t another short- lived trend. People will want to know if they can access your business online. Ecommerce exposes your business to unlimited clients and your customers have unlimited access to your business. Shopmatic eCommerce

Why Ecommerce?

Having an online business, you’ll be able to accomplish more than you could in a physical store. 

Why is e-commerce right for you? 

  • Flexibility 
  • Accessibility 
  • Low budget 
  • At your fingertips 

1. Flexibility 

Having your own ecommerce store means you have the freedom to set up your business how you want it. You will have the advantage of running your business from anywhere and anytime with just a laptop and WIFI. 

2. Accessibility 

With your new online business, more customers enjoy the convenience of connecting with your ecommerce store and you enjoy greater visibility.  

3. Low budget 

Funding an online business requires less to set up and maintain a website compared to renting and maintaining a building. 

4. Mobile- friendly 

Your online business will have the ability to meet the needs and expectations of customers across Jamaica and is not limited to a store location. Reaching a wider market online helps increase sales. 

Who is E-commerce for?

Every small business in Jamaica should invest in ecommerce. Whether you’re just starting your business or you’re already in business, having your small business online is right for you. We can help you launch your website so that you can reach your customers and start making money in no time. 

How to create a successful online business 

Here are proven tips to help you set up a successful E-commerce store. 

  1. Have a business plan 
  2. Study the market
  3. Meeting customer expectations 
  4. It’s time to set up your business website 
  5. Be familiar with how digital marketing can help you 
  6. Social media marketing 
  7. Be available 
  8. Consistency 
Shopmatic eCommerce

Growth performance to generate your E-commerce

1. Have a business plan 

Starting an ecommerce store involves having a vision for your business, deciding a website name and following the business plan to choose the direction of your online presence.

2. Study the market.

Starting an ecommerce store in Jamaica, it is important to study the market and improve what you have to offer. This makes you stand out above your competitors, also growing the business bringing new customers to you in a competitive market. 

3. Meeting customer expectations

After establishing the service you offer, ensure you know your target audience before launching your ecommerce website. Knowing your buyers, your target customers’ needs and how you can meet those needs, builds your business’ reputation.  

4. It’s time to set up your business website 

With modern technology, it is easier than ever to start your online business after you have developed your business idea. 

Digital Impak can help you build and maintain your website tailored to your budget. 

5. Be familiar with how digital marketing can help you 

Create an ecommerce plan for your small business. Digital Impak is dedicated to helping you develop your business website. Watch your sales increase as we improve visibility of your online business using email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing. 

6. Social media marketing 

Through social media, the image of a small business in Jamaica is viewed by their posts, frequency of their posts, visual appeal and feedback. 

Here’s a social media checklist: 

  • Create appealing content for your brand to use across all your social media platforms. 
  • Create brand consistency through your posts. – 
  • Bond with your followers by adding posts that creates familiarity between you and customers.
  • Respond to customer complaints and feedback personally. 
  • Remain current with trends on the platform that can further promote your online business. 

7. Be available 

Keep your contact information and online handles on your ecommerce website updated so that your customers can always connect with you. 

8. Consistency 

Now that you have your small business online, it’s time to keep that momentum. Your ecommerce store will require focus and commitment. Let Digital Impak work with you as your online business specialist. 

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