Top 5 reasons Why Small Businesses in Jamaica have Difficulty Building Customer Loyalty 

 In our world, businesses have to constantly be alert and prepared for any new and exciting inventions that occur in their field.  This current era is filled with technologies that help to facilitate customer-friendly products of substance, that aids in gaining customer loyalty.  As businesses are trying to one-up each other, it is of the utmost importance to maintain relevance. 


 “Fashion ova style,” said the late Bogle, and there is some truth to this. As the latest trends are the ones people keep up with no matter what.  As a business owner, you can not delay in making a change to the newest trend.  Customers are more likely to go for newer more advanced designs as opposed to older designs  

  • Honest Marketing Methods that Strengthens Goodwill 

The main competitors for small businesses are often larger well-established corporations.  It is hard for loyal clients who already have built a strong relationship with a business to go to a new organization.  Offering quality products that are worth the price is a huge step for creating customer loyalty.  Furthermore, having knowledge of your goods, bringing the best version of the product to clients as well as knowing the right time to provide or introduce the product to the client will help build your customer base. 

  • Marketing 

 If your presence is not known, then your potential customers will not know you exist.  As many more businesses are utilizing E-commerce to do business, this now gives them a chance to market and promote their products through social media platforms and unconventional ways that are cost-effective. Also if you decide to bring in giveaways, discounts, and unique products to your consumers not only will you improve your brand image but also be one step ahead of the competition! 

  • Recognize your opportunities

  Being aware of threats and recognizing your opportunities from early on in your business can give you enough time to come up with a sufficient plan and sustain a certain level of finances, in the event any changes are made in the future.  If negative events and changes take place in the environment then this is likely to negatively affect the businesses related to that industry. Unprepared businesses are more likely to be affected by these changes than well-prepared companies.  Client’s will flock to businesses that show strength and perseverance. This helps to retain loyal customers to your business and builds trust. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility 

 The main aim of businesses is to offer quality goods and services while earning a profit from this and building strong relationships with their clients. However, when businesses participate in corporate social responsibility, they make positive contributions to their community and the wider society. This helps to show customers that you care about members of your community and paints you in a positive light. To learn more about corporate social responsibility, please see our previous article: Ways for Small Businesses to Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility in Jamaica. 

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