Ways-for-Small-Businesses-to-Demonstrate-Corporate-Social Responsibility-In-Jamaica

Ways for Small Businesses to Demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility In Jamaica

Governments all over the world have completely shut down as they attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus in order to save lives.  

We now need to adapt to these changes as there is a possibility that life will not be the same after COVID-19, as such we need to adapt to what maybe the new norm.  Although we are faced with this challenge, you need to know that this will not last forever. 

Despite the economic challenges that Covid-19 has brought us, there is a silver lining to this situation.  This pandemic has given us a chance to relax, reflect, recuperate and restructure our online business instead of just focusing on the finances. 

This is your chance to implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with your ecommerce business.  

CSR projects assist in serving community members where needed, increase your business’ presence in the community, it gives your company a sense of purpose and aids in building a good reputation for your business. Furthermore, it is a good strategy to use for increasing your online presence and business brand in general. 

The Basics of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Any activity done by an organization that makes it become more socially accountable is considered Corporate Social Responsibility.  This also focuses on how the business affects various parts of their community, whether politically, socially, environmentally or financially.  Other than humanitarianism, Corporate Social Responsibility also includes ethical sustainable developments and making valuable contributions to their employees as well as the wider society.   

You may believe that huge companies who participate in humanitarian work are the only ones who can make meaningful change in society, but this is not true. If small businesses stay within their means, they too can make a positive impact on society. 

The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Your Business

 Small Businesses also benefit from participating in Corporate Social Responsibility, not just making a positive impact on society. 

 Your discernable presence in your community is necessary for building your business’ reputation and brand. Customers are becoming more aware of companies who exhibit social responsibility.  Corporate Social Responsibility aids in building rapport with clients who want to interact with socially conscious organizations because this makes them feel as if they are also making a positive contribution to their society. 

Out of all generations, the millennials are particularly passionate about businesses doing their part in enhancing society. Therefore, if your target market is millennials, they will definitely support you if you demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Ideas for E-commerce businesses that utilizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Offer Online Catering?

Create Online Bakery Store to Raise Baking Hobby Business Plan

Healthcare professionals have put their lives at risk in order to fight the coronavirus.Them as well as essential workers, are the main persons contributing to the dwindling economy.  A way to show your appreciation for their services as well as implementing Corporate Social Responsibility is providing and distributing free food to them or teaming up with companies who have already started doing so.  

Does your Ecommerce store sell or make clothes?

This could be given away for free with your regular orders or even distributed amongst members of your community. You can now enter the niche market of creating and distributing fashionable face masks. You can include these masks with every purchase of clothing a customer makes or be distributed for free to the less fortunate persons in your community.  

Do you have a business in health and fitness?

Public places such as the gym and parks have been shut down, however taking care of our bodies is still important. If you have a business as a fitness instructor then you can demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility by posting workout videos online. This will increase your consumer base which can eventually turn into loyal customers in the future.  

Do you have a spiritual practice, like yoga?

Make Huge Gains By Taking Your Yoga Teaching Business Online

This pandemic can affect our mental health negatively. If you are knowledgeable about meditation and yoga practices, then these techniques can help to bring relaxation and positivity to your existing and potential clients virtually. These techniques can further attract more customers to your business who greatly need peace in mind in these trying times. 

Are you an Artist?

 Since schools have shut down, a lot of children have free time on their hands and you know what they say about idle hands. If your specialty is arts and crafts then it would be a good idea for you to create free online classes for children to create unique artistic pieces and help with their parents’ peace of mind . 

The opportunities are endless, whichever industry you are in, there is always a way you can contribute to your community.  This will not only benefit the persons you are offering your services to, but it will aid in boosting your brand, growing your target market, improving your reputation and growing your finances.  You have control over how much you practice social responsibility in these challenging times. 

This fast-moving virus has affected us in every aspect of our lives.  Things haven’t been easy and although we hope for things to improve, we cannot rush the hands of time.  

 Now more than ever is the time to show up for our community as they have been there for us when we needed them. 

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