What makes a good employee? We’ll help you get your boss’s attention

Firstly, without stroking your ego, let me say that we all have special abilities and can become an asset in whatever we do or wherever we go. So, the question is, why am I not the one benefiting from that opportunity? Chances are you just haven’t figured out yet how to put your best foot forward and learned how to market yourself properly. Here are a few tips to get you noticed by your potential employer or even your current boss for that next big opportunity!

✔️ Align your personal goals with the company’s goal to show your commitment.

Investing time when not at work to learn new skills that will further develop the company and yourself is one way to start. This could be as simple as taking courses in your area of work to further improve your knowledge and ability to contribute to the company’s goals. An example, if you want to be a better analyst, you may ask your superiors if they have any books they’d like to recommend. To further add, you can also showcase your commitment to organizational growth by telling your boss you’d like to take on a special project in your area of interest. This will contribute towards achieving the company’s goal while also spreading your wings further in the organisation.

✔️ Prioritise team success

Learn to prioritise team success over your own. While your ego and ambition may be driving you to focus on your own success, the top brass mainly notices those who can function effectively as a unit and are willing to offer support and assistance to others. Team work makes the dream work and the boss knows that this is the best route to success. Someone who can elevate those around them and make them better is invaluable to any organisation and will easily stand out from the crowd.

✔️ Know your work and accept responsibility for it

Ensure that you know the ins and outs of whichever department you work within a company and at any given point upon request you are able to discuss the performance of your department in meeting expectations. You must be able to prove the value of your contribution to the organisation and the team and in doing so you are highlighting your value as an employee.However just like with the good you must also be willing to accept the responsibilities for your failure. The best way to show self-awareness and your leadership skills is to adopt a no excuses attitude and just work on being better.

✔️ Be committed to your words

Once you say you will do something, be committed to not only doing it but doing it well. Whenever an opportunity presents itself, the first persons executives look at are those with a proven track record of excellence and getting results. If you take the small task and do great work you’re more likely to be entrusted with the bigger task later. Be committed to whatever task you’re given and your name will be associated with great work.

✔️ Be a Strategic Thinker

To be a strategic thinker you have to be able to see the big picture and keep that in mind during any decision process. This will be key if you’re going to be moving up the company ladder into roles with more responsibilities. Effectively balancing working on business strategies while still carrying out your day to day operations is a skill all great leaders have.You must be able to look beyond the work in front of you and strategically plan opportunities that will help the organization reach greater heights. This is not a skill that comes naturally but however it can be learnt it just requires practice and watch skill develop.

✔️ Challenge the norm and create a new path

Do you have a solution for an issue your company has been presented with? If you have a new and innovative approach to solving an troublesome issue for your company speak up and be open about it. Be humble in presenting your idea while also giving appreciation to past efforts and your boss will be impressed by your forward-thinking ability and problem solving skills. These types of individuals normally get more responsibilities in the organisation.

✔️ Improve your ability to effectively communicate

Effective communication does not require you to be the smartest person in the room, however what it does require is being aware of your audience and being thoughtful whenever interacting with others. Knowing your audience will determine how you approach communication with them. An effective communicator knows how to adjust and adapt to different situations. An example, Portraying confidence when making a presentation but being more humble when you’re in a team setting. Another instance can be seen in how you approach your boss for clarity on a project versus your approach to pitch an idea to him. Following up with others and making sure you have a clear understanding of their expectations is alway a great idea.

✔️ Interact with all members of the organisation

Do not limit your interactions to only those within your department. Finding opportunities to interact and collaborate with other members of the organisation will be to your benefit. It is only through networking you will be able to establish ties and increase your influence in the organisation while expanding your allies in the company. When you spread your wings across all areas of the organisation your name will constantly be brought up in all the meeting rooms for all the right reasons.

✔️ Be the flag bearer for the value and standards of the organisation

The value statement of an organisation communicates the company’s expectations of all employees. The values of an organisation speaks to not only expectations of staff but also that of the executives as well. A good leader not only stands by these values but also encourages others to follow them. If you set a good example you will not only be noticed by your colleagues who will follow suit but also your boss will notice. Whenever you have meetings sing praises for your fellow colleagues who are also upholding the values of the company, and also highlight how your projects reflect the purpose of the company. This lets them know you are observant and also making notes whenever the company makes strides.

✔️ Volunteer yourself

Don’t hesitate to raise your hand and volunteer yourself for opportunities to showcase your talent and abilities. Showing initiative is always great when you toe the right line without being repetitive or forceful. If an opportunity arises where you believe you can be an asset to the company and support the initiative, don’t be scared to ask if you can participate.

✔️ Be Patient

There is no shortcut to getting your boss attention. Be patient and make sure when you get your opportunity you are ready and able to do the job well. Focus on these 10 steps and understand building the perfect career takes time and dedication. You will keep moving in the right direction and when the opportunity presents itself grasp it with both hands.

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