Ecommerce & Website Checklist for Every Business owner with 100+ actionable guidlines


Why will these 108 guidelines increase revenue and conversion rate your e-commerce store?

  • It helped to grow 7-8 figure e-commerce store by 2-3X times
  • I used and tested these guidelines to increase clients’ e-commerce stores’ revenue and conversion rate.
  • It’s based on multiple A/B test
    I worked with dozens of stores and personally launched hundreds of experiments confirming these guidelines within the last 4 years. I’m using them for all new clients.
It’s based on 200+ UX best practices and user research
I constantly study UX research (Baymard, group, CXL, etc), read relevant articles, and buy access to expensive courses to know the latest insights and best practices in e-commerce. I’ve already learned everything so you don’t waste your time: just read and apply!

What you get:

  • 35 Product Page design guidelines
  • 22 Shopping Cart page guidelines
  • 33 Category Page Guidelines
  • 18 Homepage Guidelines


Increase Conversion Rate & Revenue of your e-commerce Store using actionable 108 guidelines

• 108 actionable guidelines verified with 1100+ A/B tests

• A/B tested on successful 7-8 figure e-commerce stores

• Each guideline contains up to 6 Mobile-first examples

• Supported by 200+ UX best practices and user research

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