How to create Ideal Customer Profiles that Sell


Download this plug-n-play worksheet to identify your ideal customer, push their pain points, & activate their biggest buying buttons.
This worksheet will…
  • Tailor the perfect message to your ideal customer’s secret pains, biggest objections, and deepest desires.
  • Reveal the 6 characteristics that determine why your customer will buy (or why they aren’t)…
  • Craft compelling copy for your website, emails, and paid ads quickly & easily
  • Discover where your ideal customer “lives” online so you can easily reach them using this little-known insider hack
  • Drive all of your advertising decisions without any hesitation because you know exactly what to say & where


Cheatsheet – how to Interview the target market for 10x more feedback to create the write product or service



The Customer Avatar Worksheet

The Quick & Easy Way To Create Copy That Sells!

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