Online Store and Website Conversion audit with consultation


How it works:

I will contact you via email after purchase and schedule a meeting via Zoom at your convenience.

✔ Lifetime access to 299+ guidelines and all updates / new guidelines

✔ 1 hour online consultation focused only on your e-commerce store

✔ I will show you the bottlenecks in your conversion funnel

✔ I will show low hanging fruits to start improving in order to see the results as quickly as possible

✔ You will be able to ask any question regarding the optimization of your store or website

Start increasing the revenue of your store today!

  • Don’t put it off until tomorrow, because if you don’t improve your conversion rate today, you’ll get less revenue tomorrow.
  • Learn key strategies and pointers that are causing you to leave money on the table with customers not checking out or converting to a sale.
  • Learn and ask questions about various points in your customer journey to help with a better online experience and more sales.
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